Pleating service

You can send me your ribbon and I can pleat it. Also this is not limited to ribbon, I can pleat lace, bias or fabric for trimmings on clothing.

I can make box pleat, elizabethan ruffle pleat, and regular pleated ribbon.

Prices start at :

$3.20 per pleated meter for box pleat

$3.50 per pleated meter for standard knife pleating

$4 per meter for elizabethan ruffle pleat

$3 per meter for wide ribbons standard pleat

Other pleat types will be quoted for larger width ribbons on enquiry as the pleat depth may need to differ to accomodate.

*Discounts will be given for longer lengths to be pleated as setting the pleating machine up for different pleat styles, ribbon types and colours/thread changes can take some time for small amounts of ribbon.

How much will you need to send to be pleated? Usually knife pleat averages 4 meters of ribbon to make 1 meter of pleated, dependant on the thickness and stiffness of the ribbon. For good quality satin ribbons the following apply: Box pleat averages 3.5 meters of plain ribbon to make 1 meter of box pleat. Elizabethan ruffle pleat takes an average of 7 meters of ribbon to make 1 meter of pleat. However these measures are only an indication as softer or thinner ribbon often requires more to make a nice pleat.

Please contact me to arrange.