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Care of your browband

Some Tips on caring for your show browbands.

Please keep your browband protected if it has bling elements. One of our browband covers is ideal available here, or remove from the horse after the class and store in a browband storage bag. 

Rhinestones and sometimes the whole rosette! on your browband can be knocked out by horses with itchy heads determined on rubbing the itch, or by browbands being left on the bridle and put in a bridle bag with no protection. 

Mirror and inlay  browbands will  need to be stored curved to prevent mirror or inlay  being damaged. The mirror or inlay can be damaged if the browband is flattened after use. A shoe box is often a cost effective way to store a browband that needs to be stored curved.

Black makeup and hoof black is just about impossible to remove from your browband so try to avoid getting this on your browband by keeping it covered until just before your classes.

Lightly soiled/sweaty and dusty velvet bands can be carefully cleaned with a dry toothbrush this is good for removing dust from the velvet pile and from around bling stones.  If there is sweat and dirt you may need a damp toothbrush and a small amount of hard laundry soap such as sard wonder soap bar or sunlight bar. Satin can be carefully cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge and a very tiny amount of hard laundry soap. Minimal water and cleaning with a sponging action rather than rubbing is prefered to prevent wear.

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