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Measuring a browband for a good fit

Browband fit is important.

Too loose and it sits out from the horses head, or it sags. This makes the overall picture look a bit odd. Too tight and it can pinch below the ears and put pressure on this area. It can also be a safety issue with horses having removed their bridles due to rubbing on something and the browband being tight enabling the horse to pull the headpiece over the ears and remove the bridle.

When measuring your horse or ponies browband, its best to use a browband that fits the horse well. Remove from the bridle and lay the browband flat to measure the whole length including the loops for the bridle.

Another thing to be aware of when ordering a browband if your bridle has a large/wide headpiece, such as some of the ergonomic and mono crown types. If you have one of these let your browband maker know the size of the headpiece when ordering your browband or your diy browbands.

I make all my own browband blanks here and can make custom loops to fit any bridle, conversely if you have bridles with a fine headpiece such as some smaller ponies wear I can make smaller loops to fit. I can also make custom length sized browbands.

Here is my handy size conversion chart (rounded to the nearest 0.5cm for quick reference)

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